Top 10 Wildlife Encounters of the 2010s

As we approach 2020, I’m sure we’re all reflecting on a lot of things. Since over the past decade I’ve gone from being 14 to 24, it’s hardly surprising that most notable moments of my life to date have been in the 2010s.

Wildlife encounters are no exception. In the past ten years I’ve completed a Zoology degree, started a Marine Biology masters, travelled, learned to scuba dive, and generally spent a lot of time looking for animals – here’s what I’ve found! (In no particular order):

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What’s a zoologish?

I am! It would be a pretty large stretch to say I’m an early-career zoologist. I’ve just finished my undergraduate degree. People who use ‘early-career’ tend to mean at the very least PhD students, often post-doctoral researchers or those in their first few years of paid employment in the field. I’m more pre-career, or proto-career perhaps. A zoologist(ish). A zoologish.

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