ZP Week Eleven: A Seal Centre Update

The highlight of this week was getting to ‘jump’ three grey seals when they needed to be chipped. James Bond, Blinky and Bular have now all been moved to Bi-Bu, and I didn’t make a total idiot of myself catching them. Success all round!


There was an open day at the centre with people able to come behind the scenes, which was busy and involved a lot of crowd control. Still, it was good fun and Popy and Willem put on a show, chasing each other around Grotebad and playing like the puppies they are (despite being big puppies now!).

Popy posing, Willem behind

Sonia had to have her right eye removed, a surgery that’s been a long time coming. There was a bit of a worry when it took an hour and a half to wake her up after the anaesthetic! I went to check on her at midnight after the surgery but I’m not going to share photos as it was a bit gruesome looking! The day after she still wasn’t feeling well enough to eat, but hopefully she’s got her appetite back now.

Quarantine 6 was finally relieved of its virus designation, allowing Curly, who had reached over 40kg in quarantines, to move straight to Fase 3 and a few days later be released. At last!

Fat Curly on her last day in Q6

There was a grey seal who arrived with a massive wound in her side, she looked practically dead and only responded (with aggression!) when touched. Tobi named her Juli. I’ve been off for the past couple of days so I don’t know how she’s getting on, but fingers crossed.

Juli’s intake

Over my free days I’ve been working on a little research project of my own, which is still in a data entry phase! I’ll update you if it goes anywhere interesting. At 9pm I’m off to record the intake of a new grey seal, and tomorrow it’s back to work!

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