ZP Week Ten: A Little Bit of Everything

My tenth week here has flown by… they all do, but I think this one was especially quick as it was more varied. I got to go to a few different places, work with several feeders, and even go on a release!

The week started with a day almost exclusively in Vliehors, which always picks up my mood as the seals there are so cute. I managed to get some good pics for once!

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The other places I went were Quarantine 10, with a grey seal called Wendell, and Between-Pool, where my darling Lucifer has been moved. They think the fresh air may be good for his skin condition, while they wait for biopsy results to find out exactly what it is. He was also getting a bit fat for a little quarantine! (Update: it’s allergies, apparently, though we don’t know to what…)

Look at that face

Unfortunately in the evening they euthanised Wendell, as he was getting worse and worse. In the necropsy the next day they found pus in his brain.

The second day was back to Jarino’s with all the seals I now know so well. It went very smoothly. In the afternoon I was in outdoor pools, Grotebad and Meuwebad, which now house grey seals. Little Stippel in Grotebad likes to play with the net, which is very cute but made fishing out the 5 kilos of torn up fish even more of a challenge.

In the evening I did a post-surgery check on Pelle Petterson, a very cute little grey seal who had to have a toe amputated. She was sleepy and didn’t enjoy being woken, but all seems to have gone well and she was moved back to Vliehors the next day.

On the third day I was in Quarantines 1-4 and Griend in the morning. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to clean in Quarantines but I don’t think I’ve lost my touch! Quarantine 2 currently houses Justin and Case (get it? get it?) who can be adopted as a double deal for €75 (usually €50 for one seal).

In the afternoon I went on a release of five seals from Golfbad. Some visitors who were at the centre while we caught the seals tagged along, which was pretty cool. We let a few of the kids help release the seals so I’m sure they won’t forget it in a hurry. Maybe one day they’ll be back here to volunteer! This release went a lot more smoothly than my last, and they all disappeared off in about a minute.

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On Tuesday I was on a split shift. In the morning I was back to Jarinos where unfortunately Merlin in Jarino 6 had to be euthanised. He was looking very poorly and x-rays showed a massively enlarged heart that was probably going to collapse in the near future. It’s really rough when it’s an animal you’ve spent a lot of time with and seriously rooted for. It’s for the best, of course, but it still sucks.

Luna, Robin, Samba, Dionne and Shark have all now been moved out of Jarinos to Fase 2 pools. Hopefully the change of pace will give Samba and Dionne a kick up the bum and they will become self eaters. The other three I am sure will be on to Fase 3 and released in no time.

Barbie in Jarino 3 still definitely still has herpes. When I went in there on my late shift last night there was blood splatter all over the walls and her nose was running like a tap. Her roommate, Gabriel, has also stopped eating all his fish, possibly indicating a sore throat. Fingers crossed for them both to get better soon.

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