ZP Week Nine: Who’s Who in Jarino’s

I’ve spent the vast majority of the past week in the Jarino’s units, so I thought I’d give you a rundown of the current residents.

Shark eating

Jarino 1 – Tobs and Ina

Tobs begging for fish

Two of the prettiest seals I’ve ever seen, Tobs became a self eater fairly sharpish. Everyone is hoping Ina will follow his lead soon because she is a difficult one to feed! The other night I watched her reject 5 fish in some quite impressive regurgitations and we had to give water in the end so she could have her medicine.

Jarino 2 – Floris and Parranda

Floris the fluffball

Fairly long term residents now and responsible for a few bites between them. Floris arrived first and was quite protective of Parranda when she showed up, but since then she’s proved more than capable of taking care of herself. They are both still force feeders and unfortunately the herpes outbreak going around has hit here, but they both seem to be getting by it just fine.

Jarino 3 – Gabriel and Barbie

Gabriel is a bit of a twat to be honest, I once watched him casually and calmly go over to Barbie and then chomp down on her hind flippers. Just uncalled for. He is a self eater but can’t be moved outside as Jarino 3 is also under virus alert at the moment…

Jarino 4 – Luna and Robin

Lucky me, these are the seals I was first able to attempt to force feed…. but it didn’t go so well. Everyone is grateful they are now both self eaters. Not a roommate match made in heaven, these guys have never really seen eye to eye.

Jarino 5 – Valentijn and Dobby

Valentijn was Robbie until he was adopted as a Valentine’s gift – aww. Fairly new arrivals, these guys can be a little tense and snappy at times but mostly stay calm so long as you do. They’re both sweet seals at heart.

Jarino 6 – Shark and Merlin

Shark and Merlin

Shark (so named for taking a sizeable slice of skin off Marc’s finger during her intake) has calmed down a lot since her first week here. She’s also a fish-obsessed self eater who will follow you around as you clean or just walk around the outside of the pool, begging for food. I have a big soft spot for her, even if she can get a bit angry. There’s definitely something wrong with poor Merlin who point blank refused to eat fish for a couple of weeks and always sits with his back hunched, often a sign of being in pain. I’m worried about him and hope the vets are going to do some further investigations if nothing changes soon.

Jarino 7 – Dionne and Samba

These guys have been here for an age, but are lazy about learning to self eat and also have a virus alert right now. They are allowed to swim 24 hours but don’t seem to show much interest since they’re always dry and fluffy on the plateau when I come in. They’re quite sweet with each other and Dionne follows Samba around – less violence to worry about here!

Jarino 8 – Don Perrignon and Vulcano

New arrivals just two days ago, I haven’t had much time to get to know these seals yet but they don’t seem especially aggressive or unpleasant at least! Who knows, that may change when they’re feeling better…

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