ZP Week Seven: Seal Dreams and Several Showers

I had my first ‘seal dream’ last night – I was wandering around the visitor centre on my day off and when I looked into Bi-Bu and saw that there were at least 20 new tiny white grey seal pups. My reaction was a mixture of ‘omg so cute’ and horror at how much work feeding them and looking after them as they grew would be.

Luckily, just a dream! I didn’t even spend that much time with the grey seals this week, although when I did I got to  hand feed Willem! He’s the softest sweetest little guy (I can hear all the nurses saying to me, “yeah, that’s how you get bitten” so I’d like to clarify that doesn’t mean you should be any less careful). Willem was our first white pup this season. He’s now fully moulted and pretty big, just lazy on the self eating, so he has to be hand fed in the water to get used to how it feels.

My baby Willem

Willem, Stippel and Sally are the 3 pups that have been moved to the outside pool of Bi-Bu but still aren’t eating alone. This means when you step over the fence they follow you around waiting for food. Too sweet.

Otherwise, there’s been a bit of a general virus outbreak so my days involve a lot more showering. There are virus alerts in quarantines 3&4, 5-7, 9-12, and the outbuilding Griend. One seal has died naturally and another has been euthanised in those areas, though it’s hard to say for sure that it was the virus that caused it. Apparently the seal in 12 has seal pox, which is pretty serious, but (un?)fortunately I haven’t been there this week so I don’t know exactly what that looks like.

Draal (with the hangman’s net wound) seems to be getting on well. Again, I haven’t been able to spend time with him but others tell me he is quiet and calm and playful, and in all ways seems to be healing up. I don’t know how long that severity of wound will take to fully recover, or if/how they intend to move him to a bigger pool when the other seals there will be years younger than him. I’ll let you know!

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