The Reluctant Release

10.30am today and I was off on my first release. It was just two seals being taken by a nurse and her extended family as a New Year’s get-together outing, plus me crashing. I’ve been reliably informed that releases are generally a ‘goodbye and thanks for all the fish’ situation, but Sjef and Cipri were not so excited to go home.

I’m not sure if they didn’t know which direction the sea was, couldn’t quite be bothered trudging to it through the mud, or in Sjef’s case whether it was just his attachment to Lieselotte that meant he wanted to stay.

Cipri decided to follow the shoreline rather than head out to sea, but eventually we decided to leave her be for the tide to rise, rather than stress her more.

Good luck!

Sjef, on the other hand, wasn’t having any of it.

Eventually, we put him back into his release crate, drove further out along the road to where the sea was still in, hauled the crate up and down a treacherous, steep, slippy hill, and released him directly into the water.

Once he started swimming, he got the idea…

Bye Sjef!

Every day is a new adventure here! And today, even more of one for Sjef and Cipri.

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