ZP Week Three: A Perfect Day

The days have all started to blur into one a little, even though they’re very different in the details. This week I had three ‘O’ (early) shifts and two ‘L’ (guess…) shifts.

The third O shift was such a perfect day that I ran around annoying everyone, telling them what a perfect day it was.

First I went to Bi-Bu, where the baby grey seals that still have white fur are. There are four of them, and they are the most ridiculous animals, resembling in face and temperament nothing so much as slightly pathetic labradors.

They follow you around, mewling and trying to suckle from each other, your boot, or anything else in the vicinity. From all around the centre, you can hear them wailing. It’s very cute, but it’s quite hard to imagine the transformation they go through to become adult grey seals. Even better, after Bi-Bu I went to Vliehors, where the moulted juvenile greys are.

Who’s a handsome boy? (And knows it)

I think they’re all such beautiful animals, but of course the highlight was getting to see Joline! She’s doing really well, and is still very curious and sweet-natured. Unfortunately she can’t swim again yet, but to preserve her self-eating abilities, we flood the plateau as much as possible to feed her. Hopefully sometime next week she’ll be back in the water.

I had my first late shifts (2-11pm) this week. They’re a bit different – a lot of rushing all over the place. You’re able to see more seals but I felt quite time-pressured, especially the first time.

In Campus some people have left and more have arrived. I now have a roommate (it couldn’t last forever…) who is very nice. On my days off this week I tried out the pool at a local hotel, went for a very short bike ride, and there were some Christmas festivities here. There was a Secret Santa among the staff – someone bought me a lovely field guide to marine mammals, and a celebration with food and drinks at the centre, where we were all given a voucher for a free t-shirt from the gift shop, a nice gesture.

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