What’s a zoologish?

I am! It would be a pretty large stretch to say I’m an early-career zoologist. I’ve just finished my undergraduate degree. People who use ‘early-career’ tend to mean at the very least PhD students, often post-doctoral researchers or those in their first few years of paid employment in the field. I’m more pre-career, or proto-career perhaps. A zoologist(ish). A zoologish.

This is me documenting the quest for the Holy Grail. By which I mean someone giving me money to study and/or protect wildlife. It’s not something I expect to find all that soon. At the moment I’m working in an office for a non-departmental government organisation that sounds relevant but really isn’t. In the next 14 months I have two volunteer positions lined up that I’m pretty excited about… but more on all that later.


Watch this space for:


  • Advice on job hunting (with which I have had variable success)
  • Commiseration if you are also a zoologish (or any form of –ish)
  • Interviews with other zoologishes and biologishes about what they’re up to
  • Thoughts on zoological research and issues in the news
  • An honest assessment of my university degree
  • Reviews of previous volunteer experiences I’ve had
  • More general musings on grad life and the scary big wide world
  • Documentation of my constant internal debate on whether to do further study
  • Stories from any work or volunteer positions I manage to find
I hope you’ll stick with me through it and that I can be useful, entertaining, or even both. Please do get in touch with questions, ideas, advice (and job offers!).

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